Friday, December 2, 2011

Coming Out of the NaNo Shell

Whoa. *blink blink* Is it December already?

Because I still have the November Turkey/NaNo hangover, this post will be short and sweet. And most likely include bullet points. Because I like them (those cute little black circles).

November Update
  • I did participate and succeed in NaNoWriMo, and here's my shiny new blog swag to prove it. (Ooooh, Aaaaah.) But some of my writing buddies pwned NaNo with vengeance! Way to go NaNo gurus!

  •  Words written on brand spanking new book: 50088
  • Number of those words that are not total garbage: I'm going to say roughly 50%
  • Also in November, I worked on revising another project. About halfway through the month it got shoved to the side, but I dusted it off today and am back at it.
  • I am continuing to query. For those who are curious, have I gotten rejections? Yes. Have I gotten partial requests? Yes. Have I gotten full requests? YES!!!!!!!! (Exclamation points just don't do justice to the happiness in that one word.)
  • Have I sent out a query to one of my top agents with the wrong name even though DUH I know her name? And then had to send out another query immediately after, which said, "Ha ha *weak laugh* I really do know your name. Honest." (subtext = I'm really not an idiot, really, so please believe that I have more intelligence than a rock and give my book a chance, PLEASE). Unfortunately, yes, I did this too. *headdesk*
  • I also managed, with a fantastic committee on my side, to get registration up and running for THE most awesome writers conference on the planet. (If I do say so myself, and I do.) Registration for the 2012 LDStorymakers Writers Conference opened yesterday and it is going to be EPIC! (Check it out here.)
So, how was your November?