Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She Lives!

Yes, I know. It's been forever x2 since I've blogged. But this is why:

It was last weekend, and it was EPIC!

We're talking almost 500 attendees, 60 presenters, 3 agents, 3 editors, and an small army of volunteer staff epic. The 2011 LDStorymakers Writers Conference was 3 days of sheer awesome. And, frankly, as co-chair, it took all of my spare time to organize my fantastic committee to make the awesome happen.

I have experienced and learned all sorts of things since I started neglecting my poor wittle blog, and I will share it all with you, my dear, neglected readers. Today we'll just stick with some pics.

First, the best chair EVER!

My co-chair gave it to me because I agreed to co-chair the conference for a third year (temporary bout of insanity, I know). I joked around with my committee that I didn't want the title of Conference Queen. I wanted the title of Conference Empress. So now I have a throne. :)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use it. My children have commandeered it. You see, the wheels work reaaally well. I had to force kidlet #3 off the chair to take pics, but she required I take some with her first.

The real empress of the house.

Second, the best hat EVER!

(the tiara part lights up)
his was given to me because at the conference I was the queen constantly on the run to put out all the fires behind the scenes. And I was on the run, that's for sure. I even wore my running shoes.

Third, the flowers another hotel sent us.

Oh, yeah. They got our attention. We put it on the registration desk.

If any of you attended, I hope you waved or stopped me as I ran by and said "Hi." I can't wait to get back to the blogosphere.


Cluttered Brain said...

YES! So glad you still live. I really really want to come next year. And I will, Really. Funds were tight this past yr, and i had to pass. But NEXT year, i'm a going!
And I am so EXCITED!
Awesome chair!

Nisa said...

lol! That chair is full of awesome! I'm so glad storymakers went so well. One of these years I'm going to make it!

Kimberly said...

The conference was amazing - thanks for all your hard work!

Don said...

Let me add my voice to the many I've heard telling you Thanks for a wonderful conference and Congratulations on a job well done.