Thursday, February 10, 2011


I thought I'd share a snippet of the book that's keeping me away from regular blogging. This was one of my favorite scenes. I hope you enjoy!

“Bradley Lewis Pendergast! What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

Bradley jumped. Vanessa stood over him, her hands on her hips. A muscle near her jaw twitched. How had she found him? He discovered the answer when he tried to stand up. His stupid cape—the one she had made him put on because it was tradition—was snagged on the bush, like a flag.

He was in for it now. Anyone that got in Vanessa’s way when she wanted to make a good impression saw the wicked side of the spokeswoman for the Wicked Stepmother Finishing School.

She ripped the cape free. “First you abandon your responsibilities, and then—“ Pounding sounds coming from the direction of the driveway interrupted her.

Horses galloped around both sides of the house and to the backyard. The riders waved swords and whooped as they bore down on the guests. Every rider was incredibly good-looking, with chiseled features, square jaws, glossy hair, white teeth, and model bodies.

Vanessa threw up her hands. “Heroes! How in the world did they get in?”

The Heroes raced around the yard. Chunks of the previously attractive lawn scattered as the horse hooves ripped up the ground. Some of the Heroes reined in their horses and struck poses, as if they expected a photographer to pop up and take their picture. When no one did, they went back to wreaking havoc, but not actually attacking anyone.

One Hero tore through the string quartet, sword waving. The musicians dove out of the way, but the Hero’s sword caught in the strings of a violin. He swiveled to chase more people with his violin-tipped weapon. Another Hero steered his horse right into the pool. Dishes went flying as minions dodged horses and their crazy riders.

Bradley felt sick to his stomach. The Heroes shouldn’t have made it through the security system. Had he accidentally turned off the whole thing?

A horse struggled around the house, and it was clear why it got left behind. Its rider wore a full suit of medieval armor. It had to weigh a ton. The lowering sun hit the metal just right to shine in Bradley’s eyes.

“Evil villains,” the hero shouted through his visor, “we have come to vanquish you, once and for all!” He brandished his sword. “Surrender now and we shall spare your lives.”

No one paid attention. The Heroes were too busy galloping around making heroic poses. Those on the ground were too busy getting out of the way.

The knight’s horse finally decided it had had enough and stopped, its sides heaving. It plopped its backside to the ground. The knight yelled and flailed his arms, but it didn’t keep him from sliding backwards off the horse. With a sound like pots and pans hitting the floor, he crashed into a tent pole. The pole snapped. In slow motion, the tent shuddered, listed to the side, and toppled, burying villains and heroes alike.

Vanessa screamed as her perfect event descended into total pandemonium.

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