Monday, August 30, 2010

word of the Week #112 - nitid

nitid - [NIT-id] - adjective

Bright; lustrous.

I wonder if Lady Gaga is visually impaired or if she just likes nitid clothes, makeup, eyelashes, headgear, footwear, and accessories--all at the same time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet, Blessed School

All my kidlets are in school today!!!

Excuse me while I go write. Or celebrate. Or maybe just sit and stare at the wall in the glorious non-bickering quiet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Next Big Thing

As writers we all dream of catching the wave of the next big trend. If you had a romance between an obsessive teenage girl and a moody vampire ready to go about the time Twilight hit it big, then you got to ride the Stephenie Meyer wave.

Unfortunately, the trick with getting in on the next big thing is that you have to be in on it before it actually becomes the next big thing. Enter the past time of trend predicting. I've seen several comments to the effect that "Zombies are the next vampires," which may be true, but that means it's too late to ride the zombie wave. Unless you have a smoking idea. (See idea #2)

I've decided to throw my own guesses educated, well thought out predictions on some possibilities for The Next Big Thing.

1. Were Jack Rabbit - A fresh take on the ever popular were-legends. A lovable guy with protruding ears that transforms into a crazed desert animal with a thirst for blood. Or carrots.

Michael Phelps would be a shoe-in for the movie. He has the ears and the speed. Although I'm not sure how much jack rabbits like water...

2. Zombie Pirhanas. A family on the verge of collapse takes an extreme bonding vacation to the Amazon Basin. The inherent conflict of this idea almost takes my breath away. So easy!

And the movie from the novel can always be in 3D.

3. Hindu Mythology. The Greek gods are so the last big thing. Imagine picking up a book with the title Aarushi and the God of Many Arms. Aarushi could team up with a holy cow to save the world.

4. Ghost Hunters. You've got supernatural and cool gadgets in one place. Like petticoats and blue eyeshadow, it's about time for Ghostbusters to come back in style, right?

5. Cell Phone Horror. Something like "Tron" where people get sucked into an alternate dimension through accidentally texting a secret code. I bet Dean Koontz is already working on this one as we speak.

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek into the future and The Next Big Thing. Feel free to make your own predictions in the comments. Then when it happens you'll get all the credit and glory.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Word of the Week #111 - gormandize

gormandize - [GAWR-muhn-dahyz] - verb

To eat greedily or ravenously.

Teaching my sons to eat like civilized human beings, rather than gormandize their meals monkey-style, is an uphill battle.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Using What Moves You

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on What Moves You. I listed some of the things that reach a deep part of me, and that do so time and time again. If you haven't taken any time to think about some of the things that move you, I suggest you do so, because that knowledge can add depth to your writing (or any other creative work).

Getting through any creative project can be gut-wrenchingly hard sometimes. I think the biggest reason it can be so hard is because what you are producing during the project is so much less than the vision you carry in your mind. You have this amazing, epic book with characters that wring out emotion from readers all envisioned in that creative spot that's a merging of your mind and soul. And then you read the words you've put down and it has as much excitement as Hamburger Helper instructions. That's discouraging.

Note: Perhaps this is only unique to me and my writing. If it doesn't ring a bell with you, will you please share your secrets in the comments? K Thx.

To get through that discouragement and push on, there has to be something in your work that really matters. If you've somehow incorporated something/some things that move you, then that will help you keep with it. Let me give you some examples from my list and some comments from the post the other day.

What moves me:
People who rise above the unfairness life has dealt them.

How to use it:
Make my protagonist matter to me, by throwing them in unfair situations, and then going through the growth with them needed to rise above those circumstances by the end of the book. Voila! Instant character arc that matters to me.

What moves me:
Children's laughter.

How to use it:
Don't hold back and really play with the absurd in my story so that when children read it, they will laugh.

What moves Jennifer:
People who show unbelievable amounts of forgiveness.

How to use it:
Give your antagonist a prime opportunity to show forgiveness, and they choose not to. Or have a mentor, friend, or family member of a character show that forgiveness near the beginning of the book. Have the protagonist look down on that other character for being "weak" but eventually come to understand that forgiveness takes much more strength than holding grudges.

What moves Cathy:
Beautiful scenery.

How to use it:
Bring depth to setting by describing the scenery not in how it looks, but how it makes a character feel.

How do you use what moves you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Word of the Week #110 - absquatulate

absquatulate - [ab-skwoch-uh-leyt] - verb

To flee; abscond.

Do you ever feel like absquatulating from a situation?

Note: Sorry for the blog silence with no warning. A situation arose that required every bit of my spare time and attention.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Moves You?

As I get older I've realized that one of the most precious parts of being alive is being moved, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Those are the moments that stay with you, and the moments that connect you with others. As writers we want to move people. I'm not talking about the changing the world crusader type of moving people, but making a connection between your words and a reader in some way.

The first step is realizing what moves you. Here are some things that move me:

People who rise above the unfairness life has dealt them.

I'm solar-powered and so love all parts of the day, but first light speaks to me like no other time.

Certain music.
This song is THE song for my current YA paranormal WIP. I put it on repeat when I'm working on that book.

Moments of great kindness.

Especially those moments when something is so beautiful it's like time freezes so your soul can soak it in.

Children's laughter.

Running outside.(Actual photo from my last relay race.)

(Click here for more info on Team Hoyt.)

What moves you?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Word of the Week #109 - busticate

busticate - [BUHS-ti-keyt] - verb

To break into pieces.

When my computer runs slower than a tortoise on a 5K race I have to resist temptation to busticate it.