Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

It's been a really looooong time since I did a Work in Progress Wednesday, and since I know no one has anything better to do than hang on my every word, I thought I'd do another one. ;) But just rambling on about my progress can be a bit boring, so I decided to stretch my creative muscles and do things a little differently.

WIP--in haiku
Words, so hard to find,
Searching my brain for meaning,
And the "wow" factor.

WIP--in Twitter hashtags

WIP--in sentence fragments
I bang. Bang my head. Against life getting in the way. And my own procrastination. Have the sneaking suspicion. Suspicious of too much complexity. Thrown in everything and the kitchen sink. Simplify. Cut. But what? Catch the fun.

WIP--in sound

So, yeah. That's how things are going.

Word of the Week #108 - threnody

threnody - [THREN-uh-dee] - noun

A poem, speech, or song of lamentation, esp. for the dead; dirge; funeral song.

In the church I attended while growing up, one of the organists always played at the same tempo, making every hymn feel like a threnody.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Every so often I need a little reminder to realign some of my priorities. This was the latest reminder for me, so I wanted to share. If you can, take 5 minutes to watch.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Why I Do It Anyway

I love this picture, because it captures a moment of pure joy. The pain, the frustration, and the doubt pale when the story flows, when our characters surprise us, when our muse throws us an awesome twist, or, for me, when a kid reads my words and laughs out loud.

And that's why I keep writing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Hitting the Middle Looks Like

Whether it's writing a novel or running a 28 hour relay race, you hit a point in the middle where you start asking yourself, "What on earth was I thinking?!"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Rewriting Sometimes Feels Like

I'm the one on the table, and the nice physical therapist is performing torture...er...working out a bad cramp. And in case you can't tell, yes, I'm crying.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Word of the Week #107 - brannigan

brannigan - [BRAN-i-guhn] - noun

1. A carouse.
2. A squabble; a brawl.

"Just for fun" wrestling matches in my house usually evolve into full-blown brannigans; that's why wrestling is outlawed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Word of the Week #106 - sidereal

sidereal - [sy-DEER-ee-uhl] - adjective

measured or determined by the daily motion of the stars; of or having to do with the stars or constellations.

Maybe I need more sidereal knowledge, because my children's behavior is so mystifying sometimes that it has to be linked to the stars.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I turned on Twitter for a little while yesterday (*cue orchestra in the background for an emotional reunion* I know, dear Twitter, it's been a while) and found myself sympathizing and chuckling with several tweets marked by the hashtag #geektastic.

Aside: There is a book out called Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd, that prompted the twitter geek-fest. You've gotta love the title. In reading the book summary it isn't exactly what I expected, but still sounds fun. You can find out about it on Amazon.

The fact that I loved the #geektastic tweets reaffirmed that I secretly harbor an inner geek. Now I know some of you are laughing, because I probably harbor an outer geek, who only thinks my geekiness is hidden. Believe it or not, I have pondered on geekiness. And it went something like this: all my friends were likely geeks in high school, because former geeks make the most interesting adults.

To prove my point, here are some of the fun tweets celebrating geekitude (with my comments because I can't resist):

@hollyblack: i also had a huge crush on Jareth from Labyrinth...but who didn't. Also Tim Curry as Darkness in Legend.
**OMG Jareth! *swoon* But David Bowie normally? Like, ick. And I had no idea Tim Curry was Darkness! I have mixed feelings about Tim Curry ever since a Celebrity look-a-like site declared that he's the celebrity that I resemble the most.

Yeah... not exactly flattering. I avoid those sites now.

@jimhill: Teaching my son table manners by saying, "Use the Fork, Luke".
**Ha ha ha ha!

@espelumm As a child, I used to dress up as Wonder Woman and stick a rope in my pants.
**I used to dress up as a gelfling from The Dark Crystal. Not nearly as cool as wonderwoman, but probably geekier.

@margaret_crymes Corbin? Corbin Dallas? You green? Corbin, Corbin my man? AWESOME.
**Looooove that movie! Love it. Watch it every time it comes on TV. And own it.

@erez_s Wanting to name my first daughter "Seven" after Seven of Nine from Voyager
**The most well-endowed quasi-Borg around. And spandex gets a bad wrap, because the enlightened Federation wears it for everything.

@RaceMercaldo Okay #DoctorWho fans and #Geektastic peeps... just so you know, Amazon has a Dalek cookie jar
**Dude! What a great idea for a Christmas present! Oh, wait. $90. Never mind.

@maureenjohnson: In honor of #geektastic, a confession: sometimes I say things to my agent like, "So, if this was Settlers of Catan and I had three ore..."
**I want her agent.

@Maria_Disidoro: Getting back to fictional crushes, I've JUST remembered my love of Capt Malcolm. Right? Right. #Firefly #Serenity #geektastic
**Another all-time favorite movie/series, discovered after it was cut. :(

Now for some personal geek confessions.
  • I went with my hubby to see the latest "Star Trek" when it came out, and after turning to him for the tenth time and saying, "Oh! That's ______ from the series" and getting blank looks, I started exclaiming with the rather overweight Trekkie-guy sitting a couple seats away on my other side, because he got it.
  • My brother tried to teach me Klingon.
  • I watched "The Hobbit" cartoon several times. You know, the one with The. Worst. Singing. Ever. (If there was such a thing as "Curse by Vibrato" that guy had it.)
  • I used to sneak in my brother's room to play with his Voltron toys.
  • I can do the vulcan "Live long and prosper" --with both hands.
  • I still have my Elfquest book, which can thank it's continued existence to packing tape. Lots of it.
  • My family used to play computer games (on cassette tapes) for hours at a time on our Commodore 64.
That's enough geekiness today. Embrace your inner geek and share in the comments so I don't feel so alone.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm a Guest!

That's right, I'm a guest blogger on another blog. (Someone loves me! *sniff*) Pop on over to the Day Dreamer blog to read my thoughts on conquering hard things in your life. Writing it yesterday inspired me to get back to blogging, and to go out on a 10 mile run this morning. Woot! I'm feeling pretty good right now, but that could likely change in a few hours. I'll ride this high while I still have it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reclaiming My Groove

One of my favorite animated movies is The Emperor's New Groove.

If you haven't seen it then you need to remedy that. Like, today.

In the beginning of the movie, the Emperor Kuzco is dancing around his palace with all his attendants as backup dancers/singers. He collides with a tottering old man and the music screeches to a halt. Exasperated, Kuzco says, "D'oh! You threw off my groove!"

A beefy guard steps up to the old man and says, "I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the Emperor's groove." The old man is then thrown out of the palace window.

I haven't had a collision with an old man, but life has thrown off my groove recently. I love summer, with the warm weather and long hours of sunlight, the hiking, biking, and running, and the swimming, but summer throws off my groove.

I'm gathering up my attendants and inner rhythm to reclaim my groove. Soon I'll be back to writing, blogging, and some of those other groovy things that have slipped lately. And if I break out in a spontaneous Riverdance once in a while, then so be it.