Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Using the Right Words

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but when it comes to interacting with people (especially kids), presentation is as important as the words. Sometimes simply changing the way you use the words changes everything. A movie announcer voice doesn't hurt, either.

My kidlets have started tuning out when I talk, so I've decided it's time to get in touch with my inner movie announcer and awesome-up my presentation skills. These skills can easily transfer over into my writing. My plan isn't complicated. It merely involves slight changes to the way I talk, mainly by adding "-inator" to the end of words (which automatically rockets the coolness factor).

For example:

My car is no longer a van, it's now the Family Transportinator.

It's not doing the dishes, it's loading the Eating Utensil Scrubbinator.

We're not spraying wasp nests in the rock wall, we're wielding our Evil Stinging Pest Eradicator.

When it's raining, you open the Rain Repellinator.

Forget homework, it's time to work on the Future Education Placinator.

I'm not wasting time on Twitter, I'm becoming a Networking Informinator.

And, just for my boy kidlets, they have to take turns cleaning the Flushinator, because they're contributing Poopinators.

**Note: I actually used the last example when helping Kidlet #2 study the suffix "-ator" which means "that which."

**Note 2: Since I wrote this post, I have discovered that the villain in the Disney cartoon Phineus and Ferb adds "inator" to all of his evil genius inventions. However, I came up with the idea first.

Here's a short, less than 2 minute video on how presentation can make anything cooler.

Have you had any experiences where presentation mattered almost more than the words?

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Marion Jensen said...

When my kids were very little, they wouldn't eat oatmeal. So one morning I told them I was making soft chocolate chip cookies in a bown . . . and served them oatmeal with chocolate chip cookies (and a whole lot of sugar). They ate it up, and have been eating it ever since.