Thursday, September 9, 2010


Just for fun, here's a little snippet of my WIP:

“Are you lost, little human?”

A girl, maybe two and a half feet tall with dark skin and curly black hair stood a few feet away. She had bare feet and wore a short dress the color and texture of spring leaves. A flicker behind her revealed a set of translucent wings that opened and closed like a butterfly’s.

He sagged in relief. A harmless fairy; she’d probably help him.

She tilted her head and stroked the trunk of a nearby tree. Her small hands had fingers too long to look right, topped with claw-like nails. Some instinct deep in Bradley snapped into alarm-mode. The fairy watched him with a predatory intensity, like the tiger at the zoo that had always made him uneasy. One day it escaped its enclosure and mauled several people in the crowd before being shot.

He straightened as much as he could. Slowly. Cautiously. “I’m not lost.”

She curled her fingers, scraping gouges in the bark of the tree. “Yes you are.” She smiled, revealing pointed teeth. “You’re in the forest.”

She leapt at him, graceful and lightning fast.

Bradley scrabbled in his pocket. Found the charm and yanked it out.

The fairy stopped just beyond the reach of his outstretched arm. The charm swung back and forth, just spelled leaves and acorns in a vial dangling from a silver chain, looking too small to offer much protection.

She fluttered back and forth in the air, like an animal pacing its cage, her wild eyes fixed on him. He kept the charm between them, holding her back. She tried several times to get to him, but an unseen force stopped her every time. Bradley silently sent a quick prayer of gratitude to the universe, Aunt Claudia, and the impulse that made him grab the charm at the last second.

The fairy hissed. Her face looked gaunter than it should, with sunken cheeks and protruding cheekbones. Almost skeletal. They stared at each other for long moments. He couldn’t move, and she couldn’t reach him. His arm trembled.

Bradley started when she laughed. It wasn’t the uplifting, tinkling laugh of a normal, sane fairy. “That bauble will only protect you so far,” she said. She waved a hand. The branches around his leg bent, making the hole wide enough to pull his leg out. The fairy circled him, then flitted away through the trees and out of sight.

Bradley wrenched his leg out of the trap and gingerly put weight on his aching ankle. It didn’t buckle, thank goodness.

“This could be quite entertaining.” The fairy’s voice seemed to come from every direction.


Valerie Ipson said...

So fun. Thanks for sharing. Love that the cute little fairy is not so innocent!

Elana Johnson said...

Chills, I have chills!

Stephanie McGee said...

Very interesting. (Imagine what accent you will on that line.) I'm definitely intrigued. It sounds like you've got a unique spin on things going. Best of luck with the project!

Julie Wright said...

Demon fairies! Awesome!