Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Confessions

They say confession is good for the soul, so here goes:

When I was young an older lady who knew my love of reading gave me about 50 Barbara Cartland books. I read them all, and to this day I get a little twitchy about ellipses in dialogue because every heroine in Barbara Cartland books talked like a half-wit. "Oh, I... don't know... about... that..."

I eat around the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies. Along the same vein, I leave all the M&Ms in the trail mix.

I sing along with songs on the radio, often very loudly (much to my children's embarrassment).

I was on the drill team in high school and I still have my sequined outfit and pom poms.

I know all the words to the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.

I switched majors four times in college: business, commercial art, dance, and physical therapy. I finally graduated with a BS in pre-physical therapy, a minor in composite dance, and enough random credits to have graduated twice.

Orlando Bloom is hawt, esp. in Pirates of the Caribbean. Just saying.

I once dressed up as a cholera victim for Halloween. We had a class presentation in my Microbiology class on Halloween and I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I was told it was quite a realistic costume.

I can't make myself burp. Various boyfriends tried to teach me, but I'm belch-challenged.

I don't like slow songs. *gag* My husband says I'm not quite natural.

My non-writer friends sometimes don't get my humor. I guess they don't find atrocious typos in marquees as funny as me.

I don't watch TV. Sometimes I go weeks without seeing a single show.

I used to play the drums.

I have an extra ankle bone. (Technically, it's a tilted navicular bone, not an extra one, but it means I have a really prominent second bump on the outside of my ankles that makes it painful to wear ice skates or high top shoes.)

Anyone else feel like sharing a random confession? I know at least some of you also know all the words to "Ice Ice Baby."


Shallee said...

This made me laugh. :) I love that you dressed up as a cholera victim for Halloween! Thanks for sharing your confessions.

Don said...

Well, that would explain the whole Simon and Garfunkle thing.

Embarrassing our children is one of the only weapons we still have in this battle.

Lori-ann said...

I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby too! And, for some shocking reason, our ankles look very similar. Hmm... I wonder why that is?

Jolene Perry said...

I too know all the words to Ice Ice Baby.
Also - I LOVE heels, LOVE them but I'd actually love to wear my chucks each and every day.
Converse for those of you not in on the lingo

piafinn said...

Interesting confessions. How would cholera look compared to other diseases?
Growing up, I took lessons in rhythmic gymnastics, jazz dancing, square dancing (really), and badminton. I can't play any musical instruments, though. I was also on the chess club (nerd alert!) I once dressed up as a fried egg for Hallowe'en.

Christine Fonseca said...

Serious Orlando crush!!! Just sayin.

Crystal Liechty said...

I have six items in common with you. One I wish I had in common with you and one I most certainly, completely and totally do NOT have in common with you. :)

Krista said...

Fun post! I sing loudly with the radio, too, and I dance. Totally. The teens don't know what to do.

I cannot drive a stick shift automobile. Three boyfriends tried to teach me how and none of it stuck. It's pathetic.

And yes, Orlando Bloom.

Antony Gloster said...

Never heard of Ice Ice Baby.

Some mornings I look in the mirror and cholera seems to be looking back. Bet the kids I don't have are glad I'm not there to embarrass them.