Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Books

Do you find yourself languishing in post-Mockingjay blues?

It took me a week to get my copy and by then it felt like everyone else had already read it, including my 12 yr. old who stole it out of my hands and devoured the whole thing while I did things that couldn't be put off like making dinner, picking up children from school, etc. I threatened him with the removal of all he held dear if he uttered a single spoiler.

I'm happy to announce that I've finished it now (Yea!) and recommend it. But only if you read Hunger Games and Catching Fire first, or else you'll be soo lost. I might even review Mockingjay, but not today. Today I'm going to share another good book.

Any girl who loved Anne of Green Gables and/or Pride and Prejudice will feel at home with Scones and Sensibility by Lindsey Eland.

It's a middle grade book (grades 5-7) but I loved it. (No need to comment on what that says about my maturity.) I went through an Anne of Green Gables phase (though not to this degree) and loved meeting the younger me through the pages of the story.

From Booklist:
Growing up in a cozy seaside community above her family’s bakery, 12-year-old Polly has always been a romantic. After she reads Pride and Prejudice, though, her yen for successful love stories spills over into daily life, and she determines to spend her summer matchmaking among the locals. Of course, everything goes horribly awry, and Polly is forced to confront the impact of her meddling: “This isn’t your dumb Green Gables or England or whatever. This is real life!” says her furious best friend. To better emulate her favorite book’s “enchanting heroine,” Polly narrates in a mannered, archaic voice (“I vow to call you on the morrow!”) that may try some readers’ patience but provides comedic moments in her mixed metaphors and the curt responses she receives: “Put a cork in it,” growls her sister. The plot is as light as pastry filling, but young romantics may recognize themselves in Polly and in her puzzlement over the way love and attraction happen in the twenty-first century, beyond the pages of books.

When I saw Scones and Sensibility at my library I scooped it up, not because of my love of Jane Austen (I'm a "meh" Austen fan) but because I had read in other blogs about the great character voice. And sure enough, it lived up to the hype. You can't help but love Polly, and she is most definitely a unique character.

I had a blast reading this book. Unfortunately I can't share it with my sons, because it's not really up their alley. They wouldn't be able to get past the pink cover. But when my daughter gets older, I'll be happy to get it for her.


Jolene Perry said...

Fun. I just added it to goodreads!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks for the recommendation - sounds like something I'd really like!