Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Next Big Thing

As writers we all dream of catching the wave of the next big trend. If you had a romance between an obsessive teenage girl and a moody vampire ready to go about the time Twilight hit it big, then you got to ride the Stephenie Meyer wave.

Unfortunately, the trick with getting in on the next big thing is that you have to be in on it before it actually becomes the next big thing. Enter the past time of trend predicting. I've seen several comments to the effect that "Zombies are the next vampires," which may be true, but that means it's too late to ride the zombie wave. Unless you have a smoking idea. (See idea #2)

I've decided to throw my own guesses educated, well thought out predictions on some possibilities for The Next Big Thing.

1. Were Jack Rabbit - A fresh take on the ever popular were-legends. A lovable guy with protruding ears that transforms into a crazed desert animal with a thirst for blood. Or carrots.

Michael Phelps would be a shoe-in for the movie. He has the ears and the speed. Although I'm not sure how much jack rabbits like water...

2. Zombie Pirhanas. A family on the verge of collapse takes an extreme bonding vacation to the Amazon Basin. The inherent conflict of this idea almost takes my breath away. So easy!

And the movie from the novel can always be in 3D.

3. Hindu Mythology. The Greek gods are so the last big thing. Imagine picking up a book with the title Aarushi and the God of Many Arms. Aarushi could team up with a holy cow to save the world.

4. Ghost Hunters. You've got supernatural and cool gadgets in one place. Like petticoats and blue eyeshadow, it's about time for Ghostbusters to come back in style, right?

5. Cell Phone Horror. Something like "Tron" where people get sucked into an alternate dimension through accidentally texting a secret code. I bet Dean Koontz is already working on this one as we speak.

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek into the future and The Next Big Thing. Feel free to make your own predictions in the comments. Then when it happens you'll get all the credit and glory.


Stephanie McGee said...


They are making another Ghostbusters movie. Which makes me nervous for the franchise since the second movie was so much a rehash of the first...

LeishaMaw said...

You are a riot. Thanks. :)

Deborah said...

Having come face-to-face with a couple of jack rabbits in my time, I cracked up when I read this. Jack Rabbits are really BIG. This could actually work!

liberal american said...

Thanks for using my cell phone image, but you ain't even close. The next big thing is over a century old and you have never even heard of it, but your mortgage has.