Monday, April 5, 2010

Going Mad (Libs)

Last week's post got me in a Mad Lib mood, so today we're going to do some Mad Libs together. For this to work I need reader participation, so don't be shy. I'll give you the sentence parts I need to complete the mad libs based on different stories. You give me suggestions in the comments. And then next week I'll reveal the most funny/odd ones. It sounds fun to me, but then I'm bizarre. Speaking of bizarre, bizarre words often work good for this sort of thing.

Mad Lib #1
  1. a food
  2. an –ed verb
  3. noun
  4. a beverage
  5. a type of body part (plural)
  6. noun

Mad Lib #2

  1. boy's name
  2. noun
  3. occupation
  4. measurement
  5. noun
  6. adjective
  7. game
  8. adjective
  9. plural noun
  10. verb ending in "ing"

Mad Lib #3

  1. verb
  2. adjective
  3. verb
  4. plural noun
  5. weapon (plural)
  6. adjective
  7. noun
  8. food (plural)
  9. verb
  10. adjective
  11. noun
  12. verb
  13. noun
  14. verb ending in "ed"
  15. noun
  16. adjective

***How this works for those unfortunate souls who haven't been introduced to the word nerd beauty of Mad Libs.**

I have something already written out, but with missing words. I ask you to give me generic words (a noun, verb, etc.), I plug your words into the right places, and the results can be really fun. For example (and I am just randomly pulling these words from my brain), let's say I ask you for these words:

1. a plural noun = you give me the word garbage cans
2. a color = you give me chartreuse
3. a plural noun = you give me raindrops
4. a color = you give me purple
5. a food = you give me pizza
6. a taste = you give me gag-me disgusting
7. a person in the room = you give me Phyllis

And here's the Mad Lib:
Garbage cans are chartreuse, Raindrops are purple,
Pizza is gag-me disgusting, and so is Phyllis.

That really wasn't a great example, but I needed something short and easy.


Danyelle said...

*feels really stupid, but an example of how this works would really be helpful* :)

MT said...

I love this game :)

Mad Lib #1

a food=oversized radish
an –ed verb=lunged
noun=windshield wiper
a beverage=rootbeer float
a type of body part (plural)=pinkies
noun=aloe vera plant

Mad Lib #2

boy's name=Reginold
noun=facial pore
occupation=patent agent
noun=mechanical pencil
game=capture the flag
plural noun=flag poles
verb ending in "ing"=charging

Mad Lib #3

plural noun=horse hairs
weapon (plural)=stun guns
food (plural)=plump rasberries
verb ending in "ed"=clanked

MT said...

Darn, I was hoping for lots and lots of comments on this one. Mad Libs are the best!