Monday, January 4, 2010

Word of the Week #83 - surreptitious

surreptitious - [suhr-uhp-TISH-uhs] - adjective

1. Done, made, or gotten by stealth.
2. Acting with or marked by stealth.

After a surreptitious look through one of my manuscripts I realized that I really like--and use--the word surreptitious a lot.

*It definitely qualifies as one of my repeat words.


David J. West said...
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David J. West said...

I first learned surreptitious from a song by Dead Can Dance, something about your surreptitious smile.

If you aren't familiar with them I wouldn't be surprised but you may be familiar with the singer Lisa Gerrard from her work on movie soundtrack Gladiator and many more.

L.T. Elliot said...

I like this word a lot too. =]

ElanaJ said...

Ooh, excellent word!

wsxwhx609 said...

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David J. West said...

I just have to say I agree completely with that last poster, Chun King's mandarin oranges are super best lucky!