Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blog Posts (of mine) I Liked from 2009

Here are some Bookmom Musing blog posts from last year that I enjoyed, either because I was blowing off steam, or had a strange idea and ran with it, or because I found something funny.

  1. Today As a Writing Exercise
  2. American Idol for Writers
  3. The French Printer Conspiracy
  4. A Letter to the Person I Cut Off in Traffic
  5. I Am a Work In Progress
  6. Thank You from the Me Monster
  7. Forget the Tooth Fairy, I Want a Dishes Fairy
  8. My 10 Reader Pet Peeves

This isn't an exclusive reminiscing party. I'd love to have any of you share some of your own blog posts from 2009 that you liked, too.


ElanaJ said...

I *heart* your blog. :)

And, hey, I just tried emailing you, and it came back immediately with a FAIL message. Wassup with that??

L.T. Elliot said...

I love the pet peeves one but I really love the twitter one (I know, it's not there.) I also love the funny ones with great comics. Word of the week rocks too.
Fine! You win! Your WHOLE BLOG rocks!