Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I know, it's been a while since you've seen my poor little, neglected WIP Wednesday pic. (Does it look a little droopy to you?)

I'd like to start off celebrating that I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. Woot! I'm also in the thick of whirlwind school projects, dance recitals, Christmas events, choir practices, etc.

**To keep this blog from getting too boring, I have inserted random cartoons throughout. Any bearing on content is purely coincidental.**

On the writerly side of things, I am ripping apart my (disjointed) NaNo novel through Holly Lisle's How To Revise A Novel Workshop (my hubby's Christmas present to me, and Mother's Day present, as I informed him after I signed up). At the top of the course website is this saying in big letters: "Create the Book You Want From the Book You Have." I have the book I want, and I have the book I wrote, which are quite different. Hopefully soon the two will meet. I'm three weeks into the course and on my third read-through of my novel and I already have a huge list of what needs to be fixed.

I am also diving back into writing the rough draft of Going Under, my YA paranormal that got dropped like a hot potato when I started NaNo. And the funny thing is that a month later I'm still stuck where I was a month ago. Funny how that happens. If any of you have a killer ending idea that isn't cliched and boring like the one I have planned, send it on over, because my ending kinda stinks. My goal is to have that figured out by next WIP Wednesday.

My co-writing project has had some progress, which then screeched to a halt when my co-author's hard drive failed. It makes it hard to email back and forth, as you can imagine. We should be back in business soon.

Another big thing is that the Writer's Conference that I am chair over opened up for registration. *applause* We have some national editors/agents and some great guests, but that took a lot of last minute work to make sure everything was working like it should. Here's the link to the LDStorymakers Writers Conference, if you're interested. It's comparable to other, big conferences at 1/5 the price.

So, there's my Work In Progress Report. Anybody else have some great progress to report?


Don said...

I'm all signed up for LDStorymakers. Can't wait.

I'm progressing along, slowly but surely. This whole December busyness thing really makes for some tough writing conditions, though.

Glad to hear your stuff is coming together - good luck on the ending. I'd suggest a big explosion and then a party back at headquarters, but that probably falls into the "cliched" category.

One Cluttered Brain said...

I'll probably sign up in JAn--funds are alittle tight this year..Hey maybe I can get somebody to sponsor me to go...LOL!

My shopping is almost done..little odds and ends...YEAH!

L.T. Elliot said...

That's awesome about the gift from your hubby. It sounds like an incredible workshop.

I'm all registered for Storymakers too. I can't wait! I hope you're excited too (although you're probably quite swamped.)

Terresa said...

Tell me more about LDStorymakers conf. I don't write LDS fiction or nonfiction. Should I still attend? Do tell! A friend sent me the link earlier today & I saw your name listed! How cool is that? :)