Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SATA - Suck at Titles Anonymous

I know there's strength in meeting together with others going through the same struggles. So I've decided to start my own support group.

Welcome to the first ever meeting of Suck At Titles Anonymous, or SATA. If you've ever written a book or story under the title of "My Story" or "Stupid Freaking YA Book" or "Some Awesome Title" then this is the place for you!

Pull up a chair, or. . . well . . . stay in the one you're already in.

First of all, it's important that you know that you're not alone. There, take a deep breath and just feel it sink in--you're not alone. *supportive, therapist-type smile on the whole group*

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There, don't you feel better now?

As so many other support groups do, SATA will also be adopting a Step Program to success and healing. Today we'll work on the first three.

Step 1: Admit that you are horrible at titles.

Step 2: Believe that a power greater than you will eventually come up with a better title than "The One With the Fairies."

Step 3: Realize that you can't do it alone. You may need ask for help from other writers, loved ones, children, Twitter or Facebook friends, or strangers on the street.

Time out for a group hug.

Now comes the sharing portion of our group meeting. I'll start. Right now I'm working on a Middle Grade novel and my working title is "The Bad Guy Book." I've tossed around the title of "The Villain's Tale" but I know that sucks, too.

How about you? What are some of the bad titles you've come up with?


annmariegamble said...

Yep, yep, yep. Current works: "Irish Roots" about a woman who discovers her mother's family is really from Ireland and she may still have relatives there, and "Senator" about the legislative aide who's sworn in when her boss dies mysteriously.

Don said...

Sign me up!

Titles tried and discarded for my current WIP:

Sunrise at the Point
Laniloa Sunrise
Pono MacDonald
The All New George MacDonald
Delivering Tuberoses

I'm not entirely enamored with my current title, either: The Flight of Na Pua Lei.

I keep hoping something obvious and cheer-worthy will present itself as I revise, but perhaps that's a fool's hope.

L.T. Elliot said...

I usually just have working titles with the character names but my current lameness is: "invitation" which is pretty lame.

Eric said...

Um I thought I was the Pres of this particular club. My NaNo novel right now still does not have a title, and I'm 11K words in. Maybe I'll figure out a title by the end of the month.

So if I sign up, do I have to pay dues? And do I get a really cool name tag?

Deborah said...

I've got one called *My Book*. ANd one called *My Other Book*, and one called *Book Number #*. I think I belong to this group.