Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Think Twice Before Honking

Or an alternate post title could be: "Patience is a Virtue."

I can't decide which is funniest: the cameraman laughing and trying not to, the driver's glasses breaking, or the fact that the old woman doesn't even crack a smile.


Noble M Standing said...

The question is . . . What in the HECK is in that bag???!!!! LOL

Deborah said...

I'm with Noble. That is one tough lady. Whatever she had in the sack has to be pretty heavy.

Jenn Wilks said...

Okay, there are so many things wrong with that. First of all, what's with careening up to the cross-walk and screeching to a stop when I'm sure he could already see the granny in the road before he got there? And what's with her just standing stock-still in the middle of the road until he honks? Maybe he just scared her silly by nearly hitting her? In any case, I didn't know it was that easy to deploy someone's airbag. I'll have to do that the next time I'm in that situation. ;o)