Friday, August 21, 2009

Time for a huddle

Now that school's in I have some good chunks of time to dedicate to writing. There are a whole slew of things (I really like that phrase) that I can do during those chunks: blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, checking email, plotting, research, writing, editing, social networking, etc. etc. etc. I figure I can throw myself into it all and just *go for it* but in my experience that often leads to directionless running around like Mike the Headless Chicken (who lived 18 months without a head), the biggest celebrity from my hometown. *I'm not kidding.*

You can find out about Mike the Headless Chicken and his yearly festival (I'm not kidding about that either) here. My favorite quote from that site is "It is a great comfort to know you can live a normal life, even after you have lost your mind." Ha ha ha!

Anyway, back to the blog post. Much as I appreciate Mike for putting Fruita on the map, I don't want to waste 18 months emulating him. So I decided it's time for a PLAN.

And to do that we need a huddle!

**In keeping with the random bits of trivia I'm in the mood to share, did you know that the huddle was invented by a deaf football player? Here's the story.**

I've invited all the various parts of me to the huddle--the lazy me, the computer junkie me, the productive me, the mommy/wife me, the writer me, the silly me, the blogging me, the psycho-exercising me, and the time wasting me.

In the huddle:

Productive me: We're here to come up with a PLAN.

Lazy me: Do we have to capitalize plan? Because that takes more work.

Productive me: Yes, it's all caps. PLAN just sounds more serious than plan. And this is serious.

Silly me: That's my problem sometimes--being too serious. It makes me seem like an old fuddy-duddy.

Time Wasting me: Is this going to take long? Because I haven't checked facebook yet today.

Productive me: Facebook can wait. Don't you dare open Tweetdeck, either!

Time Wasting me: But Twitter is so helpful.

Writer me: It really is. All those editors and agents put good stuff on there. As well as authors, too. Just check out this blog about how Twitter is not just a waste of time.

Blogging me *smirking*: I showed her that.

Mommy/wife me *raises hand*: I need to get the laundry out of the dryer.

Productive me: Fine. But do it quickly and come right back!

Lazy me: I think I'll go eat a banana--

Productive me: Hold it! You're not leaving until we have a PLAN.

Lazy me: You let her go.

Computer junkie me: I wonder if I have any new email.

Productive me: You just checked it 10 minutes ago.

Writer me: We've just been wasting valuable writing time. I gotta get in my 6.5 pages today.

Psycho-exercising me: I could go for a 10 mile bike ride and think this all out in my head.

Productive me: You know that exercise/planning thing never works. And don't worry, you'll get your writing time in.

Lazy me: But I'm hungry. And you don't want to get your blood sugar so low you almost pass out like yesterday in the dentist's office.

Silly me: They all thought it was watching them pull your son's teeth.

Psycho-exercising me *indignant*: It wasn't that at all. It was the 5 mile run in the heat and not eating enough.

Silly me: Yeah, right.

Psycho-exercising me: It had nothing to do with the blood!

Blogging me: This will make a great blog. I better go write it down before I forget.

Productive me: Do! Not! Leave! We're having a huddle, people!

Writing me *tapping watch*: 6.5 pages...

Psycho-exercising me: I'm not huddling next to her *points at silly me who is making funny faces*

Time Wasting me: I think I'd like to try out a new station on Pandora.

*huddle breaks up as everyone starts talking at once*

Productive me *yelling*: Stop it! This isn't getting us anywhere!

Um, yeah. Maybe I'll get back to you next week once I have an actual PLAN.


Lori-ann said...

LOL! This is the greatest blog EVER.

Jennifer said...

But twitter IS so useful! Really! I think it should fall under "trying to be more people-friendly me" or something like that. Certainly not time wasting me *wink*
(cause I'd hate to think of it as a time waster... 'cause I do it entirely too often!)

Jenn Johansson said...

Hey! I have all of those me's too! My me's and your me's should hang out. :P

Anna C. Morrison said...

Hilarious! I can so definitely relate.

Deborah said...

Funny. And all those links were great too. I've never actually seen Mike's home page. I didn't even know he had one. What a hoot. No wonder the old timers hide during the festival.

Christine Thackeray said...

Adorable! They say you have to be schizophrenic to be a good fiction writer. I'd say you fit the bill. Problem is, I totally relate.