Friday, August 14, 2009

How Many Writers Does It Take To Change a Lightbulb?


One to change the light bulb.

Four to say that they'd already had the idea for changing a light bulb, but they didn't want to show anyone what they were doing until they'd polished their light-bulb-changing.

Two to point out that someone else had already changed a light bulb, so changing another one was unoriginal and thus not worthwhile.

Three to call light bulbs a new technology that was going to be catastrophic for traditional candlelight-driven writers.

And one to figure out that writers are lousy at math.

I read this joke on Joshilyn Jackson's blog and chuckled so much I had to share.


Deborah said...

All that means is I have a split personality.

Matthew Buckley said...

No way! I totally had that idea. I was going to post it to my blog, but I was just looking for the right light bulb image. Garh! My idea has been stolen!

Also, there is nothing wrong with the math. It all adds up. I don't get that part.


Jaime Theler said...

Matthew - I got the psychic vibe from you and totally stole it. ;) I really hope the math comment was tongue in cheek. LOL.

Shelli said...