Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work hours and learning to be an Incremental Writer

It's that time of the week again - Work in Progress Wednesday!! *applause*

This is probably going to be more about my musings than my acutal progress. (There is significantly more happening in the musings department than in the progress department.) In the last week I've made an itsy-bitsy bit of progress on the rough draft. It's not the goal I set for myself, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. However, I've come to the conclusion that in addition to all the writing craft skills I need to learn, work on, and refine, I also need to somehow learn to be an Incremental Writer.

I'm not sure if that's an actual term, but I'm going to make it one. In a perfect world where the clouds are fluffy and I get the right amount of sleep every night, I can have a few hours uninterrupted time to write and really get the creative juices flowing. In the reality I'm living, though, that's just not going to happen when kids are home. I don't have the luxury of taking 10 minutes every time I want to write to warm up and get back in the groove. If I'm lucky I might have 10 minutes without a neighbor ringing the doorbell, a child fighting with another child, the sound of a crash as the contents of one of the refrigerator shelves is dumped on the floor, someone crying because they just got injured, the phone ringing, someone wanting a snack or a drink, a child jamming to the keyboard or piana, someone needing help with a project, etc. As a mom-author (or a Mauthor), I simply *have* to learn how to write in small bits of time. I need to be able to jump into my world and pound out the words, even if it's just a paragraph or two at a time.

It sounds great, right? I wish I knew how to do it.

On the bright side, in less than one month I will have all three children in school for the entire day! *gasp* That means that, theoretically, I can write for a good chunk of time every school day. In order to make this work, the first thing I plan to do is get serious about my writing time. I'm going to treat it as the job that it is, with set work hours as if I had to be to work. That doesn't mean I won't be flexible for those days when life throws all best-laid plans to the wind, but I will do all I can to make sure I put in those work hours. And that means I'll have to ignore the phone and the door and pretend I'm not home for the neighbors.

So, there's this weeks musings and progress. I hope all of you had a more productive week than me!


Kimberly said...

What I've found to be key to incremental writing is my head space. Getting into it in my head a bit off and on throughout the day keeps things open and flexible so that when I do have time to write, that world isn't quite so far away.

Some days though, even going somewhere in my head isn't an option...

L.T. Elliot said...

I have a lot of similar distractions but I don't have the neighbor one. You're one popular gal!
I'm learning that day-time just isn't going to work for me with writing. Not for a long time. *sigh* And it's usually not just my kids that take up my time!

Deborah said...

I have some thoughts about this. But it'll have to wait until tomorrow because something has come up.