Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free stuff

I've heard from various places that a really good way to get blog readers is to give away free stuff. So, I decided that maybe I'd try and do a contest. I just have one lee-tle (misspelled on purpose - don't email me) problem: what exactly to give away.

**searching my house**

Let's see, a well-loved paperback of Artemis Fowl (we finally bought them all hardback). Probably not. *tossing it over head* A copy of Twilight that my brother in law accidentally dropped in Lake Powell? Uh, no. Not that book or that one or that one because I love them all too much. I have a ton of Lego creations by my kids ... Nah.

*2 hours later, collapsed on the couch*

I'm afraid I don't have anything good enough to give away right now. So, I'll have to do the next best thing and direct you to people who *do* have cool free stuff. (Although using cool makes me outdated, I've realized. Maybe I should say people who have "tight" free stuff, or "sick" free stuff.)

Usually all you have to do is leave a comment or fill out one of those easy forms with name and email. If you don't like giving away your email or are scared of spam, then make a new junk email address with Yahoo or hotmail. Then use that one to sign up for stuff like this.


**Disclaimer: The author of this blog in no way endorses or recommends any of the books in this list (unless she says so) and will not be held accountable if you win one that sucks rocks.**

  1. The Summer of Seven - 7 debut authors giving away 7 copies of their books, or you might be the lucky duck to get the whole thing! (Forest of Hands and Teeth and Wings are both in here. And I've read both of them and recommend them.)
  2. The Great American Book Giveaway - I just found this site, so I can't vouch for it. It looks like they give away 5 books a week. Sounds cool!
  3. Brimful Curiosities - a blog that lists a ton of book giveaways, usually every Monday and Friday. Here's the latest kids book giveaway list.
  4. Dave Farland book giveaway over on the Dragon Wrangler blog. All you have to do is post a comment on each portion of his author interview. Easy-peasy.
  5. A giveaway over on the Deadline Dames for Urban Fantasy lovers.
  6. Another giveaway on Deadline Dames but this one ends July 4th.
  7. Win a YA book on Popin's Lair.
  8. AND TO WIN A SONY DIGITAL READER (I want! I want! I want!) given away by Rachel Caine, the author of the Morganville Vampire Series, check out the interview and contest rules at the Bitten By Books blog. *Note: some of the ways to enter are to purchase books, but keep scrolling down and there are ways to enter that don't involve shelling out money.
  9. Lauren Barnholdt is giving away an ARC of Catching Fire (sequel to the Hunger Games). Check it out on her blog.
  10. Here's another contest to win some ARC's over on Presenting Lenore.
Now, I'm off to go sign up to win all this stuff, but you shouldn't because you'll lower my chances of winning >:) (Kidding! Sort of...)

Have a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

I'm a great person to tell about such giveaways as living in another country disqualifies me 90% of the time.

Good luck!

Deborah said...

Ooooooooo. *Running swiftly to enter every one of them.*

ElanaJ said...

Thanks for the links!

L.T. Elliot said...

Hey, not only are you doing a giveaway, you're linking! See how wonderful you are?!