Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday #6

It's been a wrestling match the last week.

In one corner, my muse, oozing attitude and rebellion. "You can't make me help you," she taunts. I know she'd use a certain hand gesture if we were that kind of person (which we're not.)

In the other corner, The Juggler (a.k.a. me). Somehow balancing three high maintenance kids and all their friends, an upcoming holy-wow relay race (180 miles), switching over to a new computer, various other responsibilities, life in general, and writing. My hair is frazzled from constantly pulling at it and my eyes have a wild, almost savage look to them. And that facial expression is determination, not pain. Really.

Oh yeah, Ms. Muse is going down!

DING! Round One.

We circle, eyeing each other warily. And then I make my move. We grapple. No one has the upper hand. I pound out some scenes. They're not great, but they're on the screen.

Score= Tie

The two opponents pull apart and I call a time out to write a blog post about crappy rough drafts. It's a pep-talk to myself.

Round Two

The weekend hits and the Muse dances all around me. The audience throws things into the arena that I keep tripping on, and I can't even catch the Muse. Her mocking laughter echoes in my dreams.

Score = win for the stubborn turd muse

Round Three

It's Monday, and I'm getting serious. It's just not my day, though. The Muse knocks me down and runs off to go dancing with friends. I'm left staring at the computer screen and nothing--I mean, NOTHING-- is coming through. I drag my family into the mountains (despite the rain, because I'm not losing to both the muse and the weather, dangit!), write a blog post on using personality classification systems for character development, and get to know my characters better.

Score = another win for the muse

Round Four

Tuesday. I am *not* going to lose again.

I pounce, screaming like a madwoman, and lift the Muse above my head. I throw her to the ground in under 2 seconds.

That's me on top. (If I were young, buff, oiled up, and a guy).
The one about to smack the ground hard is the Muse.

Score = Me in a decisive 2000+ word day. TAKE THAT!!

**Am I the only one who has to wrestle with my muse? Maybe I'm the only one weird enough to blog about it. :)


ElanaJ said...

Ha ha ha! I love this. I don't wrestle with mine. I just let her have her way. After a while she comes back with her tail between her legs. She knows who's boss. Yes, yes she does. :)

Kimberly said...

My muse is slightly more sadistic than yours. She gives me oodles of ideas, and then mocks me for not having the talent to make proper use of them. So no, you're not exactly alone in this, methinks.

Deborah said...

My muse keeps saying I don't know enough.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

LOL - I love the wrestling with the muse! I feel like I have been wrestling not with my muse, but with my own motivation - I've just been having a hard time pushing myself to do the work that needs to get done.

L.T. Elliot said...

I fight with my muse too. Most days, I just write without her because she's terribly fickle. My sister got me a magnet for my b-day that says, "My muse is a mean, mean muse." Yeah. That sums her up.