Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

Well, I'm a little grumpy I couldn't indulge in a full-blown pity party (with or without chocolate). Frankly I have to much to do to mope around too long. One of those things is jumping on the "Work in Progress Wednesday" bandwagon. I already planned on this so I guess I have to shake off the agent rejection of yesterday.

For details on the originator of the idea, visit the blog of writer Kate Karyus Quinn. She's even kind enough to share her cute picture.

See? Cute.

I'm hoping that by doing this and having some external accountability (of sorts) that I will get moving on my next book. This is a story that literally popped in my head one day as I listened to a song while driving. I broke a few speed limits rushing home and completely ignored my children as I wrote out the prologue going through my head. I've also had some scenes keep me awake at night until I had to write them out so I could sleep. A story that won't leave you alone isn't necessarily bad, though. The problem was that I was in the middle of a *different* project. So I wrote my scenes, yelled at the characters. "Just leave me alone for a few months, all right?!" and kept plugging away at the book I was working on, that is now finished and getting shredded by agent rejections.

*Note: You get some weird looks when you yell at yourself like that. Just cover your ear with your hand and pretend you're talking on a Bluetooth.

Now it's time to get cracking on the story, and... I'm not. Frankly I'm a little scared of touching this incredible--but still nebulous--idea. What if I ruin it? What if it doesn't live up to my initial excitement? The other problem is that the story took me seriously and left me alone. It's sulking in some dark corner of my mind. I have to go find it and either coax it back to the light or drag it kicking and screaming like my daughter when she doesn't want to get dressed (a daily occurrence). And whether it's my daughter or my story kicking and screaming, that just takes a lot of energy. Maybe I'll just go spray my weed-infested lawn instead.

Wait. I already did that. Darn!

I'm also one of those strange people who really likes revising and editing. Writing the rough draft? Not so much. I spend the whole rough draft stage chanting to myself, "It's okay if it's crap. It's okay if it stinks. Yes, this part is really awful. Just keep going." and other such things. It's really a liberating thing to realize that a rough draft is just that: rough. But I still struggle sometimes with gagging my internal editor.

But I have something else that I simply have to do before hunting down my story. I have to finish up the revisions of my just finished manuscript so I can send it back to the agent that did like it and connected enough to send me revision suggestions. And I have to do it soon.

My Goal: By next Wednesday my goal is to have revisions finished and the new version sent off so I can get going on the new story. *crossing fingers*

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Kimberly said...

It really is a strange sensation to enjoy the new story idea more than the one you're currently working on. I had my first experience of that last year and had to deal with some hefty internal conflict.

So I finished the first story then went back to the second. The characters went all sulky on me and turned my fabulous fantasy plotline into a cheesy teenage romance. What the heck?!

Although, the fact that this happened somewhere in the confines of my mind convinces me I'm crazy enough to be a writer.

Good luck!