Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on. . . stuff

First of all, if you've been wondering about the clue picture over in the right sidebar--hello little clue--it is part of a fun and unique internet game put on by my friend, fellow author, and mastermind of fun, Tristi Pinkston. Go peek at her blog here to get the scoop.

Now on to other stuff. What a crazy few days! It's been quite the...

(Aside: Doesn't this look like a killer roller coaster?? I so want to try it out! It's the Hulk Roller Coaster in Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure in Florida. Awesome, awesome, awesome!)

Just because I want to keep you in suspense for why my life has been a roller coaster (and I know you're all on the edge of your seats, right?) I just want to report that I met my Work In Progress Wednesday goal. By Wednesday afternoon. Next week I'll revamp my goals a bit.

The last of the revisions I'd been putting off because it would be so hairy turned out not to be hairy at all. Basically I had to write out some scenes from one character's point of view. I thought it would make things all confusing at the end, but after I read my ending I realized that with a couple little tweaks it would be simple to just delete the said scenes and everything would be peachy.

So, a couple hours later...voila! I was finished.

I then sent an email to the one agent letting her know I was finished with her suggested revisions and asked if she wanted another look at the manuscript. The answer?


So I sent out another full manuscript. Yippee!!!

I've bounced from the heights of euphoria, to the depths of despair (so bad that I contemplate eating... chocolate), back to euphoria again. I'm getting a little whiplash from the writers journey this week. Ain't it great?


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Perhaps all writers are thrill seekers at heart?

ElanaJ said...

Wow! Congrats on the resubmission and getting the edits done you wanted to before sending it off! Be sure to keep us posted.