Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evil Overlords, Conduit, and Tavern Wenches

This weekend I had a number of friends attending Conduit--a sort of convention/ conference with tons of people dressed up in fantasy/sci-fi costumes, classes on how to draw wings and monsters, a masquerade ball, and a dealer's room where you could not only buy books, but also jewelry, costumes, and a life size Darth Vader.

I decided to scramble last minute and head up Saturday afternoon.

*NOTE: All attendees should thank me for tripping majestically on that extension cord taped to the floor as you walked in the Dealers Room. I had enough coordination (barely) to not break anything on the two tables next to the door as I flailed drunkenly--I mean, gracefully regained my balance. Interestingly, not 20 seconds passed before someone ripped the cord up and re-routed it. I could be wrong, but I think it was the guy with the table full of breakables on the right. He had that tripping hazard gone by the time I left the room. All the evil overlords, their minions, and the warriors for Good could now enter and exit the room in safety. It's the least I could do in the fight against evil.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Conduit was a lot of fun, and of course I have to name drop some of the cool people I talked with, laughed with, and endured lunch with at the restaurant with the worst service I've ever experienced. (Think an hour to get the food, and there were only 3 other patrons in the whole place!)

It was good to see friend James Dashner (he of the Maze Runner) who is kicking it in New York City this week for Book Expo of America. (That I am NOT going to, even though I would really like to go--Nay, would maybe consider selling my children for the chance to go. Okay, before you hyperventilate and call Child Protective Services on me, I wouldn't *really* sell my children. Rent them out? Maybe...).

I met and talked with Aprilynne Pike, niece of my neighbor and brand new New York Times #1 Bestseller for her book Wings. Editor Stacy Whitman was there with her super snazzy camera and Jessica Day George looked lovely sporting a fabulous shirt her sister (and wardrobe consultant) bought for her. I finally got to give Julie Wright a hug of excitement on landing an agent (expect to hear a lot more about her in the future). And it was great to see Eric Swedin (and wife), Graham Chops (who has almost sort of said he'll loan me his sword to go on a berserker rampage), Karen Hoover (minus the hat), Sue of the awesomely tights, Diva Donna (accompanied by her cute daughter) and Debbie of Dashnog fame, a really nice girl named Arlene, Arowen from Lord of the Rings, and various other people at the other end of the Harry Potter lightning bolt-shaped table configuration at lunch. (I felt this post really needed some more parentheses, because you can never get enough of those in a blog, right?)

I also finally met Dave Wolverton/Farland, who will be a keynote at the 2010 LDStorymaker Writers Conference (Squeeeee!). He is extremely knowledgeable (and a super nice guy to boot). If you write and do not subscribe to his "Daily Kick in the Pants" email newsletter then run--do not walk, do not collect $200--and sign up! After you finish reading this post, of course. (Click on the link on his name and scroll down just a little. You can subscribe on the right hand side.)

I didn't get to talk with Dan Wells, but someday I *will* get my hands on one of those "I Am Not a Serial Killer" buttons, because, you know, people might wonder and I want to set their minds at ease.

After a few classes and lots of standing around in the hall eavesdropping on the horde that surrounded Brandon Sanderson wherever he went, I had to get back home. It was a good afternoon, though.

And for some reason I have the urge to dress up like a tavern wench. With a light saber.


LexiconLuvr said...

It sounds like it was a lot of fun!!!

Deborah said...

Nice new page.

Chantele said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! I am starting the whole agent hunt right now as well. I know it will be so frustrating, and I am just starting to send my queries out! Don't give up! Something will happen when you least expect it! (I should probably take my own advice huh?) Have a wonderful day!:)

Cathy Witbeck said...

The last time I went to Conduit there was a guy in my class who introduced himself as Delueth the Avenger. The teacher said, "Could I just call you, Big Belly Chalk Butt, instead." It was humerous, but sad, in a kind of uber-nerd way. You just never know what to expect at that conference.

Graham Chops said...

A tavern wench who is not a serial killer but has a berserker sword, right? I can totally set you up :-)

Dan Wells said...

I'll keep a pin reserved just for you.

Julie Wright said...

I loved this conference and was soooooooooo glad to see you!