Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everybody run and hide!!

It's the...


That virus that's already infected thousands--nay, hundreds of thousands--of computers, only *lower voice to a whisper* you don't know it yet.

That's right ladies and gentleman! It's mean. It's nasty. It will steal all your personal information for some acne-ridden hacker to use for obscene amounts of Star Wars paraphernalia! Or X-box games from

And it goes live on April 1st!

BEWARE! Assume you're already infected and just go download this, or this, or that. Or... better yet, go to your friend's computer which you hope isn't infected and download the fix-it software, then email it to yourself. Then install it to get rid of the nasty worm. We think.

But no matter what, back up *everything* cause chances are you'll lose it all. *Gasp* *Panic* *Run through the streets screaming like a banshee*

Yet, here we are. April 1st. *yawn*

This is so Y2K. Remember that? All kinds of panic and then... nothing.

Yeah, April Fools on us all. I think the companies that sell external hard drives or web-based backup services were in on it.

*You can read all about the Conficker worm here or here.*

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Not to mention the seven hours it took to download the stupid program that is supposed to protect you from it all.

*sitting with cheek in hand watching the green dotted line inch r-e-a-l- slow across the download box.*

I have better things to do.