Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take a walk on the Spam side

Since beginning the agent hunt and fishing my first request for a partial out of the spam folder, I'm now diligently checking my spam on a regular basis.
And I'm finding lots of interesting things, like:

1) Apparently I should be looking for a HOT Russian bride. And there are lots out there.

2) There's a huge !!!!Nursing Shortage!!!! (as evidenced by the many exclamation marks before and after).

3) I have a very tenacious secret crush, because they've tried to email me 583 times.

4) Some berry I've never heard of has fantabulous weight loss properties while cleansing you at the same time.

5) There's an "Amazing Housewife Diet!!" She must have kids like mine.

6) With the easy click of a mouse I can change jobs - at least 60 times!

7) I can get a Cheap SUV (although I think they want to mean that it's inexpensive, not shoddy) no matter what my payment history is.

8) I need to check out Jamie's blog (hey, that's me) to see how I can get a massive chunk of money from the stimulus package. *Well, I can answer that. Just go on welfare. But I digress.*

9) Chef schools will give me a *sizzling* career.

10) The gov't must be anticipating a huge rise in crime because more CSI is desperately needed. (And I'm perfect for it).

11) DirectTV and Dish Network are still squabbling like small children no matter what the delivery of their message: spam, junk mail, telemarketers, coupons, etc. *Now you two better cut it out or I'll make you scrub the tile grout. Ask my kids, they know I mean it!*

12) EHarmony has a billion matches for me.

13) And the newest Spam that really never had a presence until recently: Ways to get out of foreclosure.

14) 2 new Singles want to talk to me (but are they the same 2, or 2 new ones each email?)

15) A whole slew of people I've never heard of want to show me their pics.

Of course, that's only a smattering.

Spam--not only good to eat but provides entertainment when you're procrastinating or are too brain dead to do anything productive.


Deborah said...

How interesting. I only get the occasional one, which is usually from one of the LDStorymakers groups.

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