Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Idol for Writers

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The latest on the Agent Hunt: another rejection fished out of the Spam box. But the hunt was put on hold as I caught wind of a contest right up my alley. It's very much like American Idol - for writers.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way one of the sheep that watches American Idol. Well, except for a few times last year. And, um, the other week. But that was extenuating circumstances that you can read all about here. So, no. I don't watch the show. And I'm not protesting too much. There's no way I'd do something as lame as watch it in the basement so my husband doesn't know or go over to my neighbor's house who TiVo'd the show or... *cough* Moving on...

Back to the topic at hand! The publishing American Idol is called the the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and even though I call myself a "writer" I had never heard of it before. From Amazon: "The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is an opportunity for emerging fiction writers to join a community of authors on, showcase their work, and compete for a chance to get published."

Yeah, Amazon. However you word it it's just American Idol with books and without a Simon-type.

Soooo.... I entered it. Scrambled to get all the parts together and did it. *whew* And after an oh-so-subtle comment on agent Nathan Bransford's blog to try and get his opinion, he posted a blog about it today. Very informative. I'm fully in the "it's worth a shot" camp.

Now it's back to trying to corner that elusive quarry--a literary agent.

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