Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Agent Hunt - almost like a snipe hunt

Status: A little grumpy
Song: "King of Pain" by The Police

Sometimes I'm a little slow, so I just realized that in 2009 I embarked on a journey that I should have been sharing with you all on this blog.

*prostrating myself on the floor*

My most humble, abject apologies dear reader! I resolve to now share the in's and out's of the whole experience, in embarrassing (I have a feeling) detail.

I finished my children's fantasy and it was time for the next step. Going national. *gasp* Yep, I have two books already published by a niche publisher, but I've set my sights higher. And in order to "go national" I need the most indispensible of individuals to an author: a literary agent. That rare breed of human that can scale big publishing houses and book contract mumbo-jumbo in a single bound.

So I gathered my hunting gear--comfy slippers, a fuzzy blanket, various items for throwing across the room, a bandaid for when my head bleeds from banging it on top of the computer desk, a glass of water (your throat gets rather parched screaming in frustration), and some munchies so I leave my tush parked in the computer desk and don't leave and get all distracted (which happens surprisingly often in the middle of synopsis writing)--and set off on the hunt.

Now, there are a lot of agents out there. But there are also a lot of would-be authors hunting for them, so there is quite the maze of submission requirements and other hurdles that agents have thrown up, much like the wily fox during a fox-hunt, to make sure only the best writers get through to them. And in today's market, it is very hard indeed.

But armed with my sunny optimism, the burning need to find a way to make money with my passion, and the knowledge that I've written a darn good book, I set out on the hunt.

Have you ever been on a snipe hunt? Well, today my sunny optimism is a bit overcast like the gray day outside, and I'm feeling like I'm on a snipe hunt. Don't worry, I'll persevere, but I just need some time to gripe and moan today.


That feels a little better. I'll keep a progress report in the sidebar and deliver brilliant and entertaining blogs on the whole process, but I think that's it for me today.


Shauna said...

Jamie, I found your blog about a month ago and have been lurking ever since. I read where you thought you only had eight readers, so I thought I would come clean so I could at least be included in the count. I don't read many blogs- but I love yours. It's great! My Mothers entire education plan to "keep the kid smart through the summer" consisted of her handing me a dictionary and telling me I had to find 10 new words every day and create a sentance with each before I could run off and play. So -your word of the week- fab. Also, I am in the finishing stages of my first book and getting ready to go on my own snipe hunt. Sadly, I will be playing the part of the scared Beehive. So that bit is also very interresting to me. Just a bit of encouragement and thanks. I wouldn't want you to think no one was reading and slack off. Oh, and my vote for super-lame movie... Tomb Raider. Big time.

Jaime Theler said...

Welcome Shauna!! Wow! I have more than 5 readers. *sniff* No, really, just give me a moment...

Kudos to you on being close to finishing your book. That's quite an accomplishment!

And Tomb Raider... definitely. I would also have to add Dungeons and Dragons - I could only stomach 10 min. so I can only assume it stayed that bad throughout.

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