Monday, November 24, 2008

Word of the Week #30

Status: Briefly coming up for air between finishing my WIP and Thanksgiving preparations
Song: "When All Is Said and Done" by Vertical Horizon

volte-face - [vawlt-FAHS]- noun

Definition: An about-face; a reversal, as in policy or opinion.

Usage: Many politicians become adept at volte-face with a smile, sometimes on a daily basis.

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Manic Bloom said...

Hi Jamie -

Thanks for the comment on Dragon Wrangler's blog! I think I remember seeing that you mentioned us in one of your own blog entries a while ago, but couldn't find it again when I was going to go back to comment! (I was surfing the web on my buddy's phone)

We've got some more songs in the works, but haven't had the time/money to record them yet - hopefully we'll get a little bit recorded over Christmas, though.

However - I happen to know from a very reliable source that if you sign up to the MB mailing list, you just might get a free mp3 of the live acoustic version of 1000 Angels this month! (You can hear it on our myspace now).

(Wow - sorry this is so long - looks like I'm starting to write a book myself...)

Thanks again!!