Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Book Review: Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George

Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books (April 2008)

"There are three truths I have come to learn in the year since the Dragon War. The first is that both humans and dragons have the capacity to be good or evil. The second is that even if you're doing something you love, you can still become bored with your work. And the third truth is that my business partner, Marta, will never be finished with her wedding gown. Either one of them" -Creel

Dragon Flight is the sequel to Dragon Slippers, which ranked among my favorite reads of 2007. I am a huge Robin McKinley fan, and these books are very reminiscent of McKinley.

In Dragon Flight we return to the world of Creel: seamstress, Heroin of the Dragon War (despite Creel's dislike of the title), and friend of the dragons. Business is booming, thanks in large part to the upcoming wedding of the crown prince. Surrounded by wedding plans, Creel deeply misses Prince Luka, who has been sent as a royal ambassador to the country Citatie.

Wedding plans go out the window, though, when Creel receives notice from Luka that Citatie has an entire army mounted on dragons and is bent on conquering Feravel-and any other countries in the middle. Because of her unique relationships with the dragons, she is once again thrown into the middle of a war. Trouble is also brewing at home, where anti-dragon factions are working hard to convince the king to exile dragons from their land. Creel and a handful of human and dragon friends travel to Citatie to spy out the situation, but time runs out and they must gather a force to fight the immense dragon army.

Dragon Flight is written in Jessica Day George's easy-to-read and fun writing style, successfully weaving suspense, hints of romance (both human and dragon), and humor. Although I did not like Dragon Flight as much as Dragon Slippers, it is still an enjoyable read. Part of the fun of the first bookwas the new twist on dragon lore (a dragon that hoards shoes and another that hoards dogs-how fun is that?) as well as the unique voice of Creel, who we end up liking as much as a real friend.

Fans will love being reunited with the spunky seamstress, but there weren't many fresh twists to make Dragon Flight stand out. I still recommend this book to anyone, but I suggest you read Dragon Slippers first, because some of the enjoyment of Dragon Flight was the pleasure of meeting old friends again.

Jessica Day George as a person is delightful and fun, so it is no surprise she has delightful and fun characters. You can find out more about Jessica Day George and her books on her website.

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Tamra Norton said...

I didn't realize the sequel was out. Yowz--I need to get my hands on it asap!!!