Monday, June 30, 2008

Word of the Week #9

I thought I'd go with another of my favorite words, even though chances are everyone knows it. Well--lo and behold--when I looked up the official definition, there's a lot more to twit than I even knew! It can now be a favorite word 3 times over :)

A) twit - [twit] - noun

1. An insignificant or bothersome person.
2. A weak or thin place in yarn caused by uneven spinning. (Hmm, wonder why this definition is unknown...)
3. A derisive reproach; taunt; gibe.

1. Get out of my way, you twit!
2. The girl from Rumpelstiltskin was probably frustrated with the twits in her gold yarn. (Hey, you come up with a better sentence.)
3. The girl who tried to rollerblade over the railroad tracks had to endure the twits of onlookers when she totally wiped out.

B) twit - [twit] - verb

1. to taunt, tease, ridicule, etc., with reference to anything embarrassing; gibe at.
2. to reproach or upbraid.

1. When I bowled a horrible game last week, my husband only twitted me a little. (True story.)
2. I have to twit at my kids whenever they start throwing toys at each other.

Whew! Who knew there was so much to a twit?

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