Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Reading

It's summer now, and all of you who will be spending all that time relaxing at the pool or on vacation may be looking for some good books to read. I am going to be sharing with you some of my recommended reading for the summer, since: 1) I am a book addict, (2) I have read a lot of books, (3) my pool and vacation time rarely includes relaxing reading time, so those who can do it shouldn't waste it with mediocre reading, and (4) this is my blog.

I will just talk about some, while actually reviewing other books. Heck! I may even throw in an author interview here and there, too.

So, to get us started I would like to talk about one of my favorite series. I have been reading these books for 20 years, and my copies are almost falling to pieces, especially since my boys have discovered them. They love the books as much as I did (and still do). They are great for children, YA, and adults.

My first recommendation is the Myth Series by Robert Asprin. These books have everything--monsters, mayhem, magic, assassins, and a green demon named Aahz (like in the Wizard of) with a nastily endearing temperament. And funny! These books are laugh-out-loud funny. Robert Asprin weaves fantasy, characters, and satire like a pro.

Note: I was sad to discover that Robert Asprin passed away in May of this year. *sniff*

The Myth series centers around a young mage named Skeeve and his mentor and best friend Aahz. Aahz is a money hungry demon from Perv who has lost all of his magical powers. Aahz takes it upon himself to teach the fledgling mage all he knows of magic and in the process attempts to gain as much wealth and fame as he can for both of them. With this fame comes endless chances for adventure.

The great thing about the story is that there are 12 novels in the original series. The publishing house that carried them went out of business, but a new publisher picked it up and the 'new' MythAdventures series, co-authored with Jody Lynn Nye, currently includes six more books, with a seventh forthcoming. So you can enjoy over 20 books of Myth fun!

Check out the Myth Adventures website for more information. Oh, and you can buy the first books in the series on Amazon for under $1.00. SWEET!

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